All Season Core Equity Strategies

New Equity Strategies Designed to Outperform in All Markets

Today’s equity investors face new challenges requiring, new solutions. Intech All Season Core Equity Strategies are innovative equity solutions designed to outperform benchmarks in all market environments with less risk. The strategies seek to deliver:

  • Excess return across all market regimes
  • Time-varying volatility management
  • Positive convexity in tail-risk events
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How Do You Plan to Navigate Today's New Challenges?

SEEK ALPHA IN ALL MARKETS Intech All Season Core Equity strategies attempt to deliver alpha in all market conditions by complementing our ubiquitous alpha source – equity price volatility – with an absolute return source that attempts to capitalize on recurrent cross-asset themes and conditions.
NAVIGATE TIME-VARYING VOL Volatility is cyclical, but it’s also time-varying, caused by various factors, including economic and political events. We designed these all season core equity strategies to adjust risk exposures systematically in response to both short- and long-term volatility cycles.
ADD EQUITY CONVEXITY Intech All Season Core Equity strategies seek positive convexity – the payoff associated with an extreme volatility event. Convexity available in up and down markets is desirable because it offers the potential to hedge the risk off events, augment returns, and reduce volatility.

“Investors shouldn’t have to sacrifice upside capture for lower downside risk. Equity strategies should perform well in all markets.”

- Jose Marques, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Intech

“Preserving the integrity of your portfolio’s diversification requires focusing on your largest source of risk: equities.”

-Adrian Banner, PhD
Co-Chief Investment Officer, Intech