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Interest rate risk? Equity drawdown?
What's next and how do you prepare?

You’re invited to join your peers at this Intech® luncheon where we’ll share special insight into the stress we see in equity markets and evoke a provocative discussion on absolute return.

We’ll examine the promises and pitfalls of absolute return strategies and their potential in the current market cycle.

  • How do you identify market risk regimes and where we are today?
  • Do absolute return strategies make sense for tomorrow’s markets?
  • Why do absolute return strategies disappoint and what should you look for?
  • How can you use outcomes to classify absolute return strategies?
  • What outcomes really matter? Correlation? Volatility? Beta?

Our Head of Client Portfolio Management, Richard Yasenchak, CFA, has been presenting on these topics across North America with great feedback.

RSVP today to reserve your seat.

We look forward to seeing you at this lunch and learn event!



We’re an independently-operated, specialized equity manager that applies advanced mathematics and systematic portfolio rebalancing to harness a reliable source of excess returns and a key to risk control — stock price volatility. Founded in 1987 in Princeton by pioneering mathematician Dr. E. Robert Fernholz, we serve some of the world’s leading institutional investors, delivering global equity and absolute return solutions.

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