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The Intech® Investment Philosophy

Intech_Traditional_vs_Intech_063017.jpgWe adhere to an investment paradigm that's different than traditional financial economics embraced by most asset managers – both fundamental and quantitative.

Our work is grounded in Stochastic Portfolio Theory formulated by our founder, the eminent mathematician Dr. E. Robert FernholzHaving once worked along-side Harry Markowitz, the father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. Fernholz introduced this complementary mathematical theory that tells us how it’s possible to outperform a benchmark:

Construct a portfolio more efficient than the benchmark by reweighting its constituents to the optimal proportions for a given risk-return objective.

 We believe:

  • Equity volatility is an observable and accessible alpha source whether markets are up or down.
  • Long-term stability in the distribution of capital allows persistent access to this opportunity.
  • Harnessing volatility for risk-adjusted results requires advanced mathematics and programmatic trading systems.

This has been the foundation of our work for over 30 years.

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