Intech is an independent, quantitative equity manager focused on delivering unique insight and partnership for the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors.

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A Distinctive Alpha Source

Intech pioneered the application of Stochastic Portfolio Theory in 1987, seeking to harness stock-price volatility to deliver a unique alpha source. We’ve continually refined our approach over the years in our quest to deliver uncorrelated alpha. Today, we’ve earned global recognition for our efforts, serving a diverse client base that spans five continents.
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Investment Solutions

Intech offers four investment platforms, which we customize to target benchmarks, geographies, return objectives, risk budgets, or sustainability goals. For every strategy, our investment team relentlessly deploys technology, data, and mathematical processes to purse optimal returns for our clients – regardless of market conditions.

Featured Strategy: Intech All Season Core Equity Strategies

Intech All Season Core Equity Strategies are our latest innovative equity solutions designed to navigate frequent regime changes in today’s new market order. Their primary objective is alpha resiliency:

  • Excess return across all market regimes
  • Time-varying volatility management
  • Positive convexity in tail-risk events
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Empowering Excellence: Meet Our Team

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“Intech is committed to empowering our professionals to excel. Our culture prioritizes teamwork, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of better ideas, transforming them into real-world solutions. Together, we’re dedicated to uncovering market opportunities for our clients.” – Dr. Jose Marques, CEO

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