Intech’s Preparedness for COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads globally, we want to assure our clients that Intech’s business continuity plan (BCP) is already in effect, serving to protect employees and clients, address business risks, and mitigate community spread of the disease. We expect no impact to investment operations or client services.

Our BCP has proven effective in the face of previous environmental threats, and it includes preparations for an infectious disease outbreak. Aspects of the plan include:

  • Protecting employees by implementing best practices in virus prevention, including CDC and WHO guidelines, curtailing non-essential travel, and limiting office visitors.
  • Stress-testing technology services that allow us to administer all business functions from either our West Palm Beach or Princeton offices, or our personal residences through a secure virtual private network.
  • Operating a cross-functional response team whose members define and adjust goals every 48 hours, and set weekly goals based on scenario planning.
  • Defining tiers of service providers that will help us maintain stable operations in the event of potential disruptions.

We are confident that portfolio management and other essential services will continue to operate at their highest levels.

We welcome clients and consultants to contact us directly with any questions.