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Meet Our People

Leadership, Investment and Relationship Teams

All Leadership Portfolio Management and Research Relationship Management Trading

Adrian Banner, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Vassilios Papathanakos, PhD

Executive Vice President, Deputy Chief Investment Officer

John F. Brown

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Client Development

Lance Campbell, CFA

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

David Schofield

President, Intech® International Division

Justin Wright

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Ivana Bertuzzelli, CIPM

Vice President, Portfolio Analytics

Christopher Carroll

Vice President, Product Management

Patricia Flynn, CPA

Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Martha Franco, PHR

Vice President, Human Resources

Bart Gancher, CSCP

Vice President, Compliance

Susan Politi

Vice President, Legal Administration

Andre Prawoto

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Stoddard, Jr.

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Nancy N. Holden, CFA

Senior Managing Director, Head of Client Relations

Phillip Leonardi, CFA

Senior Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations

Richard Yasenchak, CFA

Senior Managing Director, Head of Client Portfolio Management

Joseph Runnels, CFA

Vice President, Quantitative Trader

Ioannis Karatzas, PhD

Distinguished Researcher

Onur Ozyesil, PhD

Associate of Research

Jian Tang, PhD

Assistant Portfolio Manager

Phillip Whitman, PhD

Portfolio Manager

Lin Zhao, PhD

Associate of Research

Kevin Armstrong, CFA

Senior Product Specialist

Valerie Azuelos

Managing Director, Product Specialist

John A. Cardinali, CFA

Managing Director

Dustin Cone

Client Relations Manager

Newcomb Cole

Consultant Relations Director

Adam Craig, CFA

Senior Managing Director, Consultant Relations

Warren T. DeKinder, CFA

Senior Managing Director

James McHugh

Senior Managing Director

Andrew Samalis

Managing Director

Leanne T. Schmitt

Managing Director, Investment Specialist

J. Bret Young, CIMA

Managing Director, Business Development

Sean Arendell, CFA

Vice President, Quantitative Trader

Timur Sahin

Manager, Quantitative Trader

Michael Salita

Senior Quantitative Trader

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