Discover the Foundation-Centric Approach to Investment Success

Redefining Equity Strategies for Foundations in a Dynamic Market Landscape

Adam Craig, CFA Senior Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations
James McHugh Senior Managing Director, Business Development

In a world where the lines between endowments and foundations are often blurred, it’s time to bring clarity to the investment strategies that truly resonate with the unique needs and aspirations of foundations.

We invite you to explore our latest paper, where we unravel the intricacies of crafting investment strategies that are not only aligned with the specific goals and challenges foundations face, but also anticipate them, offering a fresh perspective and a new way forward.

What You Will Learn

  • The critical distinctions between foundations and endowments that shape investment strategies.
  • Innovative approaches to safeguarding foundation equity portfolios against market volatility.
  • Strategies to balance growth aspirations with the realities of foundations’ operational demands.

Why This Paper is a Must-Read

In this exclusive content, we delve deep into the heart of foundation investing, offering insights that go beyond the conventional, and presenting a novel equity approach that seeks to capitalize on today’s frequent regime changes and offers a fresh source of alpha.