White Paper

Solve for Next: Preparing for Equity Regime Changes

Embrace innovative approaches for tomorrow's equity challenges.

As investors face increasing market volatility and frequent regime shifts, the role of traditional equity mandates in portfolio construction is being reevaluated. Investors typically rely on equity’s long-term growth to meet liabilities, but macro threats and decreasing return assumptions present serious challenges. Our latest paper assesses common alternatives to mitigate equity risk while preserving its upside.

In this paper, we’ll:

  • Investigate the limitations intrinsic to traditional equity strategies amid escalating market regime shifts
  • Examine the pros and cons of alternative asset classes, with an emphasis on futures and options
  • Advocate for the incorporation of futures within an equity strategy, with the potential to improve downside protection, diversify exposure, and enhance risk-return outcomes

Download our paper to learn more about potential solutions to equity market uncertainty.