White Paper

Navigating Time-Varying Risks in Modern Markets

Richard Yasenchak, CFA Senior Managing Director, Head of Client Portfolio Management
David Schofield President, Intech International

Today’s market environment presents investors with unique challenges and complexities due to time-varying risks, such as heightened volatility, frequent drawdowns, and shifting cross-asset correlations. Our latest paper dives into these challenges and discusses an innovative approach to equity investing that systematically adjusts exposures to short- and long-term risk cycles.

white paper cover - revolutionizing equity strategies for a new frontier

In this paper, you’ll discover:

  • How time-varying risks are impacting equity strategies and market performance
  • The importance of addressing heightened volatility, frequent drawdowns, and shifting cross-asset correlations
  • A novel approach to integrating managed futures into equity strategies for better diversification, risk reduction, and improved risk-adjusted returns

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