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Published on March 8, 2024

| 3 min read

Andre Prawoto, Chief Marketing Officer

The end of 2023 revealed a significantly changed landscape from where we began. This time last year, we were operating with elevated, yet slowing, inflation and an unbalanced labor market. The U.S. economy was bracing for a recession that never materialized and all eyes were on the Fed. Given the varied and vast macroeconomic factors affecting equity markets, it’s no surprise that these were some of the most popular reads in 2023. The question now lingers: will the environment we closed out ’23 with persist into 2024? These articles are worth revisiting as we start the new year:

Are Traditional Equity Strategies Suited for Today’s Regime Changes?

Long-term institutional investors are facing a number of challenges within modern equity markets. This blog discusses the limitations of existing approaches to equity allocations, along with common alternatives to consider when navigating ongoing and unforeseen threats in today’s investment landscape, and beyond.

How Much More Volatility Can You Take?

Equities are typically the largest source of portfolio volatility. Market pundits attribute this more pronounced and frequent equity volatility to economic cycles, geopolitical uncertainty, algorithmic trading, market sentiment, etc. But regardless of how one ascribes today’s volatility, we know it’s different and possibly more difficult to manage, requiring different tools to mitigate and diversify. This blog can help you learn how to best navigate these constant regime changes.

Weathering the Storm of Regime Changes: A New Approach to Navigating Time-Varying Risks in Equity Markets

The equity landscape evolves rapidly, presenting investors with unprecedented challenges. Short-term market cycles have made it increasingly difficult to capture long-term alpha, navigate sudden spikes in volatility, and preserve the integrity of portfolio diversification.

This new frontier of investing requires a fresh approach to equity investing that can address time-varying risks, including heightened volatility, frequent drawdowns, and shifting cross-asset correlations. This blog post discusses an innovative solution for equity investors in today’s complex market environment.

Case Studies: Integrated vs. Overlay Futures Strategies

This quick read presents two hypothetical illustrations that explore the benefits and considerations of both integrated and overlay approaches on a pension fund and an endowment. This case study will shed light on how these different approaches can be applied in practice.

A Tailored Equity Approach for Foundations

Foundations stand at a pivotal juncture, questioning traditional equity mandates in the face of shifting macroeconomic landscapes. Amid unprecedented risks, foundation leaders seek alpha in less efficient markets while managing increased risks.

This blog introduces an innovative all-season equity strategy designed to navigate short- and long-term risk cycles, providing a shield against unforeseen events and potential alpha. This fresh perspective aligns with the distinct demands and aspirations of foundations, offering a beacon of hope in today’s intricate investment landscape.

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